From beer bellies to bald patches, male Cosmetic Surgeries on the rise

From beer bellies to bald patches, male Cosmetic Surgeries on the rise

27 July 2015

We often talk about the pressure women feel under to look their best, but recent trends in Cosmetic Surgery show ladies aren’t the only ones fighting to turn back the clock.

In the past five years the number of men booking Cosmetic Treatments and Surgeries has risen by 300% - reaching a record breaking high!

One anti-ageing expert puts the sharp rise down to a new savviness among modern men when it comes to the beauty industry. “[Men] realise that problems they thought they were stuck with – like bald patches, man boobs and beer bellies – can be easily fixed” the specialist explains.

Celebrities like Wayne Rooney and Simon Cowell now make no secret of their Cosmetic Treatments and while 20 years ago spending time and money on your appearance might have been considered unmanly, no one bats an eye lid when a man buys a moisturiser or removes his body hair anymore.

The demands of modern life also seem to have given men a fresh perspective on the subject of beauty. “Men have woken up to the fact that, like women, they are increasingly judged on their looks, particularly in the work place” the expert continued.

Most commonly, younger men are seeking treatments for acne scars and skin complaints. While men in their 40s request rejuvenating treatments to slow the signs of ageing and men in their 50s opt for surgical procedures like Facelifts and Breast Reductions.

The most popular treatments requested by men include:

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Image credit: altafulla/ Shutterstock