Helen Glover talks Olympic beauty

17 August 2016

Helen Glover talks Olympic beauty

Hot on the heels of winning the gold medal for rowing at this year’s Rio Olympics, Team GB Helen Glover has spoken out about her beauty regime.


She explained how the intense training required ahead of the Olympics leaves your immune system low, causing the body to work extra hard. As a result, it’s all too easy for your skin to suffer.


So just how does she stay on top of skin care and what are her top tips?


Helen emphasised the importance of taking time out to invest in a proper regime, saying: “Taking time to cleanse and moisturise can give a helping hand while your body is working hard at staying healthy.”


With limited time to devote to beauty around a strict training schedule, Helen needs a simple yet effective regime to keep her skin in tip top condition.


She’s developed an evening daily routine that consists of cleansing and moisturising, along with regular exfoliation. She also recommends an in-shower tan for those who want a speedy way to achieve a golden glow.


On race days, Helen avoids wearing makeup but keeps her skin radiant by drinking lots of water and moisturising regularly.


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Image credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock.com