Helena Christensen shares her Skin Care secrets

3 November 2014

Supermodel Helena Christensen is known for her stunningly beautiful looks – which only seem to have improved over the years. One thing that stands out is her confident and relaxed approach to ageing. Combine this with her excellent Skin Care regime and it’s no wonder everyone is still talking about Helena Christensen’s beauty.


Here are her Skin Care secrets:

She gets lots of sleep

The supermodel always makes sure she gets sufficient sleep to keep her skin looking healthy and refreshed. She said: “For me, sleep is the most important thing. If I don’t get at least eight hours, I always say I look like a Picasso painting, where things were just kind of thrown in.”

She wouldn’t rule out Cosmetic Surgery in the future

Although she hasn’t had any Cosmetic Surgery to date, Helena said that she is not against others having work done, whether procedures or treatments, commenting: “I am sure in some distant future I will, you know, […]. I will definitely not hold back if there are ways that you can make yourself feel a little lighter and happier.”

She undergoes Laser & Skin treatments to boost her Skin Care regime

A fan of Medical Microdermabrasion, Helena praises the treatment for its ability to make her skin look “bright and glowing”.

She’s a fan of the natural look

Not one to pile on the makeup, the supermodel prefers a more natural approach to beauty, only using mascara if she has a photo shoot or for special occasions.


So there you have it – Skin Care secrets from a true beauty. What’s your best Skin Care tip? Share it with us on Facebook




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