Here’s what really causes dark spots

Here’s what really causes dark spots

21 June 2016

Here’s what really causes dark spots

For years, we’ve been led to believe that dark spots are the result of sun damage. But while the sun is a contributing factor to these unwanted blemishes, there’s another culprit that often gets overlooked – smog.

According to studies undertaken in China and Germany, those living in highly polluted areas showed an increase in the number of dark spots.

The studies were undertaken over a five-year period with over 800 women from Germany and 743 women from China. Sun exposure and smoking were also factors taken into consideration.

The findings were clear; participants over the age of 50 who lived in areas where nitrogen dioxide was present had significantly more dark spots on their cheeks.

So what can you do to prevent dark spots caused by both sun and pollution? It’s important to apply SPF every day (UV rays can penetrate clouds too!) as well as look for skincare products containing anti-pollution ingredients. Avoid being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day and avoid sunbeds.

If the damage has already been done, you can minimise and improve the appearance of dark spots with a course of Laser treatment, Skin Peels or Medical Microdermabrasion.

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