Hey big spender! Research shows women spend £2,000 every year on beauty

Hey big spender! Research shows women spend £2,000 every year on beauty

14 January 2016

How often do you stop to add up your spending on beauty products? A recent poll has found that the average woman in the UK spends £2,172 on beauty every year – and this figure only accounts for products, not treatments.

With the average annual salary at £26,500, women are spending around eight per cent of their yearly income on beauty – that’s a lot of mascara!

Eye makeup is the biggest beauty purchase for UK women, with 58 per cent of the 1,000 women polled spending the most on products like mascara, eye shadow and eye liner.

Lip products came in second place in terms of spending with 18 per cent of women claiming them to be the biggest beauty purchase.

A spokesperson for the company who led the poll said: “The average amount women spend on beauty products each year is surprising, however most women would tell you that if they look good, they feel good.”

When asked to rank female celebrities in order of beauty, Jennifer Aniston came out on top with 24 per cent, followed by Kylie Jenner (15 per cent), Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson (each gaining 12 per cent of the votes) and Sienna Miller (nine per cent).

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Image credit: pukach/ Shutterstock.com