How Hollywood starlets did beauty before Cosmetic Surgery

How Hollywood starlets did beauty before Cosmetic Surgery

18 July 2016

How Hollywood starlets did beauty before Cosmetic Surgery

Today’s Hollywood stars are no strangers to Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical treatments – but the world of beauty looked a lot different for the rich and famous back in the ‘good old days’.

Despite there being limited options as far as Cosmetic Surgery went, the old school Hollywood starlets still faced the same pressures to look flawless. So how did they do it?

  • Hairlines

Beauty in Hollywood was influenced heavily by Caucasian ideals, which meant that stars of Spanish decent such as Rita Hayworth (born Margarita Carmen Cansino) needed to find a way to make their hairlines higher if they were to make it big in the business. To do this, Hayworth underwent electrolysis treatments for one year. The metal probe was designed to ‘shock’ the hair follicles along the hairline, leaving her with a hairline one inch higher than before.

Marilyn Monroe also famously used the same treatment process to help change the shape of her face, kicking off her career.

  • Noses

Nowadays, changing the shape or size of your nose is a simple enough procedure, known as Rhinoplasty. But for stars back in the Old Hollywood days, getting a nose job was far riskier and less common. Over the years, there’s been much speculation that Marilyn Monroe underwent Nose Reshaping surgery to soften the tip of her nose. While this has never been confirmed, X-rays of the star’s skull have led experts to conclude that she did indeed have some kind of procedure to change the appearance of her nose.

  • Cheekbones and Facelifts

The likes of Marlene Dietrich were famous for having perfectly chiselled cheekbones – but contrary to popular belief, these were acquired using a combination of the Croydon Facelift method and molar removal.

The German-American star was said to have had her molars removed to give the hollows of her cheeks a more distinctive appearance. As for keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay, Dietrich was reportedly a big fan of the Croydon Facelift, which involved twisting sections of the hair to pull the skin taut before securing in place with surgical tape.

*Note* This is not recommended to try at home as pulling the skin on your face in such a way can lead to damage including loss of elasticity – giving you more wrinkles and causing sagging skin.

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