How many people would you tell about your Cosmetic Surgery? One happy patient’s anti-ageing secret.

How many people would you tell about your Cosmetic Surgery? One happy patient’s anti-ageing secret.

20 November 2015

Perhaps it’s the influence of Hollywood – where famous faces are notoriously tight lipped about the Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures they’ve undergone – or maybe it’s just plain coyness, but some patients are still reluctant to talk openly about their Cosmetic Surgery.

Of course there will be some people you’d rather not discuss your decision to have a surgery or treatment with in detail; but one woman has taken secrecy a step further and not told her husband about her anti-ageing treatments – though not for the reasons you might expect.

In her 40s, the patient (who, for obvious reasons, hasn’t been named) started to feel self-conscious about the appearance of her skin. She noticed frown lines that gave her a permanently cross expression and decided to take action to regain her confidence.

After careful consideration and research she decided to go ahead with Botox injections. A year later, she has kept up the treatment regularly and her husband is still non-the-wiser!

But her secrecy wasn’t out of embarrassment or an attempt to be deliberately dishonest, the patient felt her husband would worry too much about the treatment and wanted to save him the agitation.

“The only person who doesn’t know is my hubby – he wouldn’t be totally comfortable with not knowing the outcome of my surgery further down the line. I just don’t mention it to him but if he did ask I would have to tell him – I just want to be able to keep going and having it done. It’s my body so it’s my business.”

“It’s the feel good feeling that I love and how my face looks after the treatment – that’s what’s important to me. I have enough movement so it still looks really lovely and natural. I have very short hair now so my face and complexion is very important to me – it just gives me the confidence I was missing and the best bit is I don’t look angry anymore!”

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Image credit: YuriyZhuravov/ Shutterstock