How to sweat-proof your makeup for summer

16 June 2015

We all love summer, but the increased temperature and humidity can play havoc with our beautifully made-up faces. So stay sweat free this summer with these tips to keep your makeup in place.

  • Always use primer

Apply a tiny amount of primer to all areas of your face prone to shine and oil. Primer should be applied before makeup and after moisturiser. Milk of Magnesia contains natural oil-blotting properties, creating a smooth base for your foundation.

Primer can also be used to prevent unwanted eye shadow creases, acting as a base for your eye shadow to stick to, keeping it in one place all day long.

  • Nude liner instead of eye shadow

Alternatively, avoid eye shadow altogether and stick to a nude eye liner to really open your eyes up – without having to worry about it melting off your lids.

  • Criss-cross your foundation

Liquid foundation gives a better finish than powder or mineral versions – but in the summer heat, it can quickly slide off your face. The trick is to apply it in criss-cross strokes to give you a better blend and no visible streaks if you start to sweat.

  • Blot away excess oil

Blotting papers are a handy solution to remove any excess oil from your face before it ruins your makeup. Keep a stash of them on hand at all times during the summer and use whenever you start to feel a sweat coming on.

  • Use waterproof mascara

Keep your mascara in place all day long with waterproof formulas. These products contain less water meaning they’re more likely to stay put, whatever the weather.

  • Less is more

Be careful to use a light moisturiser in the summer months. Use one that’s too rich and it’ll send your makeup slipping down your face in no time at all.

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Image Credit: Valua Vitaly/