Huge increase in men requesting Bro-Tox

Huge increase in men requesting Bro-Tox

15 October 2014

Anything women can do, men can do better – and in the case of the treatment known as Botox, men have put their own spin on this name by labelling it ‘Brotox’.

The Line & Wrinkle treatment commonly used by the female community is now seeing a huge interest amongst men, as more males attempt to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. But why this sudden interest?

According to GQ, men feel the need to look younger in the workplace: 

“The number of men seeking Botox has increased 310 per cent since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a similar boom is happening with other non-invasive procedures like filler and Laser treatments. Combine the availability of easy outpatient treatments with wider cultural acceptance and an increased emphasis on the value of youth in the workforce and what you’ve got is the makings of a mini-revolution.”

Even Manhattan-based Dermatologist, Michael Eidelman, M.D., noticed that approximately 40 per cent of his clients were male – with his patients expressing a keen interest in other popular treatments such as Teeth Whitening. “What I’m seeing more now is, like, a straight stockbroker who just wants to look good,” Eidelman explained.

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