i-Lipol Xcell: the latest Laser Therapy A-Listers love

i-Lipol Xcell: the latest Laser Therapy A-Listers love

21 August 2015

It’s the laser therapy Khloe Kardashian is rumoured to have turned to, to perfect her new slender figure – a virtually painless Liposuction treatment, i-Lipo Xcell is a popular new therapy among patients looking to sculpt the bodies and achieve better definition.

The reality TV star has transformed her body in recent months with a careful diet and exercise regime. Losing a total of 35 pounds (that’s two and a half stone) the Kardashian sister apparently turned to the Liposuction treatment to help contour her famous curves.

Having achieved her target weight Khloe was an ideal candidate for i-Lipo, which is never recommended as a weight loss tool, but as a treatment to target stubborn pockets of fat, which can be impossible to remove with diet and exercise alone.

i-Lipo is a three step fat removal process. The first step is a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Pads are placed on the treatment area and the laser stimulates a chemical change the cells beneath. The cell walls become porous and release the fat contained – this is burned off during the 30 minutes exercise recommended post-treatment.

The second step is a vacuum massage; this enhances the lymphatic drainage process, for more visible results. Finally high frequency radio waves are directed into the skin. This tightens and smooths the surface by boosting collagen production, improving blood circulation and creating new connective tissue fibres.

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Image credit: khloekardashian/ Instagram