08 July 2014

We all know the importance of a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise but did you know that what you eat may also be contributing to your wrinkles as well as your expanding waistline? So rather than reaching for the pot of Anti-Ageing moisturiser, it may be wise to take a good look at your diet and reassess some of the food you consume regularly. Here are seven foods which can cause premature ageing: - BaconIt may smell irresistible but if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay, its a good idea to avoid eating bacon. Why? Well, processed meats, such as bacon, contain nitrates which cause inflammation and we all know that puffiness is not a good look. - ChocolateWhile small quantities of dark chocolate may have been proven to be good for us, eating milk or white chocolate by the family-sized bar is not. Thats because it contains a large amount of sugar, which scientists have found damages the collagen and elastin in your skin. When these proteins become damaged, our skin loses its elasticity and can easily become wrinkled. Reducing your intake of sugary drinks can also help to prolong the ageing process. - CrispsThe high salt quantity of crisps often means our body retains water, which can cause bloating and under-eye bags. If youve ever looked at your face and bemoaned those eye bags, youll understand how they can age you replace your crisp addiction with something more natural such as an apple to prevent the bloat. - CoffeeThe caffeine in coffee may help you feel more awake but it wont do wonders for your skin. If you cant last a morning without your coffee fix then you should make an extra effort to stay hydrated this will prevent your skin from becoming dry, dull and wrinkled. - PastaIt may be the food that all university students live off but according to scientists, too much processed carbohydrates, such as white pasta can damage the collagen in your skin, which results in yes you guessed it wrinkles. - BBQ foodWe all enjoy a summer barbecue but did you know that chomping on this food could make you age prematurely? The dry heat from barbecues produces something known as Advanced Glycation End (known as AGEs) which accelerates the ageing process. So the next time youre at a family barbecue, skip the meat in favour of a baked potato and salad your skin will thank you for it. - ChipsThe salty moreish-ness of chips is widely known but the trans-fat within them is less so. This type of fat leads to inflammation, which causes ageing. So instead of those chips, turn your attention to healthy fats, such as avocado, tofu and salmon. Do you know of any other foods that cause premature ageing? Let us know on Twitter.