28 March 2014

Female doctor talking to patientWere seeing evidence time and time again that baby-boomers are finding new ways to look and feel good about themselves. Female baby-boomers in particular are the focus of a recent article in the Financial Times, with US Cosmetic Surgeons reporting an increase in the number of women in their 50s and 60s who are undertaking Breast Enlargement surgery for aesthetic reasons.Until recently, this procedure has been favoured predominantly by those under the age of 40 but President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Jack Fisher, commented: There has been a cultural shift in the population that is saying this is something I want to do. Dr Fisher added that in 2013, his group saw a whopping 33,224 women aged 51 plus opting to have a Breast Enlargement, which counted for nearly 11 per cent of the total. 3,748 women aged 65 and older underwent the same procedure, up from 1,010 in 2003. It has been suggested that far from wanting to retire gracefully, this rise in the number of baby-boomers undergoing Cosmetic Surgery can be attributed to them getting back into the game. -What are your thoughts on baby-boomers and Cosmetic Surgery? Let us know on Facebook.