11 November 2013

Doctors with a patient smallThe media has highlighted a trend for breast enhancement surgery which is sweeping through one Indian region. Women in Kerala – considered an otherwise conservative state by the article's author, writing in The Times of India – are turning increasingly to Breast Augmentation procedures. Increased awareness of the options available to them, and greater exposure to the culture of Hollywood, are cited as two of the biggest factors influencing this trend."The increasing exposure to Hollywood culture has indeed sunk deep into the psyche of women in Kerala," says Dr Susheel Cleetus, a cosmetic surgeon based in the state. A counterpart, Dr Chacko Cyriac, who practises in Kochi, notes that Breast Augmentation procedures are becoming increasingly accepted among women aged between 30 and 50. Breast Enlargement procedures are increasingly seen by Indian women as an accepted preparation for their wedding. "It is every girl's dream to look drop-dead gorgeous in her wedding attire," said one woman, known only as Preeti."Fortunately my fiancé was supportive," she added. Men, though, are going the other way, and opting for Breast Reduction procedures in significant numbers, the article concluded. Dr Hari Menon, who practises in Kochi in Kerala, said he saw many potential patients aged under 25, who were concerned with the growth of their breasts after puberty.