10 April 2013

Acne scar on skinImage-conscious Indians, keen to advance as far as possible in the country's vibrant economy, have been given advice about how they can treat the common problem of scarring from acne. Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia, who runs her own clinics in New Delhi province and Kolkata, has written in an article for Health.India.com, that acne affects as many as 85 per cent of men and women at some stage of their lives. And while acne scarring is a common after-effect of clearing away the condition, Dr Lohia says that, depending on the severity of such scars, one of four treatment methods can be adopted.For the mildest cases, a topical retinoid cream can be used, which will produce beneficial effects typically after a three-month course of use. Superficial scarring which affects only the first few layers of skin can be tackled by chemical peels, which exfoliate the top layers. A course of microdermabrasion will result in this exfoliation reaching the deeper layers of skin, so is good for getting rid of shallow scars. However, Dr Lohia warns that patients should expect to have to undergo between 10 and 12 treatments to achieve the best results. Finally, laser surgery using a fractional ablasive laser is recommended for helping the skin to naturally heal itself. Anyone undergoing these should expect to have to undergo up to four monthly treatments, depending on the depth and severity of the scarring being treated. "Overall, a good dermatologist will be able to guide you on the best option for you and will be able to combine the treatments so that you get results faster," Dr Lohia concluded.