11 January 2013

It is thought a growing number of people will turn to facelifts in 2013 because they are no longer content with the effects of Botox and fillers alone. Speaking to AMEinfo.com, medical director and general manager of Dubai's Aesthetician Clinic Dr Afschin Ghofran explained that although these non-invasive solutions are great as short-term solutions, more patients are now looking for more permanent treatments.The difference between surgery and non-invasive treatments is that surgery starts where other treatments end. To put in another way, if fillers and Botox don't work anymore you should consider a facelift, the expert stated. Dr Ghofran explained that if a face lift is performed properly, it will not only make you look 10 years younger but its effects will also last for about 10 years too. He believes that neck and face lifts, eyelid lifts and lip shaping are all growing in popularity and because recovery time is less than two weeks for most procedures, demand is likely to increase further in 2013.