Is your Acne caused by exercise?

Is your Acne caused by exercise?

6 May 2015

Exercise can be really beneficial for your skin. For a start, it lowers your stress levels, which means you’re less likely to develop stress-related wrinkles. It also boosts circulation and increases the amount you sweat, helping to rid your body of its toxins and impurities and making your skin look brighter and clearer. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? However, there are some downsides to exercise where your skin is concerned. Here are some of the ways working out can affect your skin.


  • Yoga mat

If you’re a fan of yoga, make sure you regularly wipe down your mat before and after use. Neglecting to clean your mat means any dirt and bacteria on your body will be transferred to it. If you’re prone to regular breakouts, be sure to wipe down your mat and take a shower straight after exercise to prevent unwanted spots.

  • Too much running

Running is a great way to improve your fitness but doing too much of it can cause free-radical damage, impacting negatively on your collagen and elastin levels. Instead of going all out, protect your skin by exercising moderately.

  • Outdoor exercise

Exercising outside can provide a welcome relief from sweaty gyms but if you’re going to do this, remember to apply sunscreen. Failure to do so can not only cause sunburn but also leads to premature ageing and in some cases, skin cancer.

  • Washing post-exercise

We’ve all been there – you only have a short lunch break and to maximise your time in the gym, you skip your shower at the end of it. Did you know that sitting in sweat for too long before washing can cause dirt to clog pores, leading to unwanted breakouts? Be sure to always take a shower as soon as you’ve finished exercising and wear loose-fitting garments to prevent getting too hot and bothered.

  • Gym equipment

All equipment at the gym can harbour dirt and bacteria, so to avoid breaking out in spots, be sure to wipe down the equipment before and after you use it. While exercising, take care not to touch your face or any other area of your body prone to spots.


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Image Credit Attribution: 4774344sean/ iStock/ Thinkstock