Is your skin ready for this autumn’s ‘barely there’ make-up trends?

Is your skin ready for this autumn’s ‘barely there’ make-up trends?

24 September 2015

As London Fashion Week draws to a close and we look forward to Milan, one of the definitive beauty trends we’ve seen on the catwalks was ‘barely there’ make-up – or in other words, models with naturally radiant skin we mere mortals are somehow expected to emulate this autumn!

It started a year ago, when the models at Marc Jacobs hit the runway with nothing but facial moisturiser on their skin. This year designers like Opening Ceremony, Baja East and Therapy all continued the minimal make-up trend.

One make-up artist explains bare skin has become the vocal point of LFW’s beauty looks “I think the conversation before was ‘let’s prepare the canvas. We can’t put make-up on top of a canvas that’s bumpy or rough’… then there was the whole primer phase. But now it’s about, ‘how do we make the skin look healthy and glowing?’”

It’s quite the skin care challenge, but luckily for us cosmetics and beauty brands have picked up on the phenomena and are offering a whole host of alternatives to the heavy base make-up we might usually resort to through the winter months.

It starts with hydration.  The back stage areas of LFW have been packed with models sporting sheet masks made by sponsors like Dr. Jart+, Skyn Iceland and Wei Beauty. But for the most tangible results, Non Surgical Treatments are the most effective complexion enhancers.

A deep exfoliating treatment, like a Microdermabrasion or a Skin Peel, will help give skin that illusive luminous quality. Both treatments remove the top layers of dead skin cells, which dull the complexion, though if you have sensitive skin it’s best to opt for the peel which is a less abrasive technique.

PPx Lasers are also highly effective when it comes to clearing up imperfections and evening out skin tone. The Intense Pulsed Light therapy gives the best results from a series of 4 to 6 treatments and dramatically improves the tone and texture of skin.

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Image credit: British fashion council/ Instagram