Jennifer Aniston shares Skin Care secrets – and her biggest beauty regret

Jennifer Aniston shares Skin Care secrets – and her biggest beauty regret

12 June 2015

She graced our screens as the beautiful Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ – and 21 years later, Jennifer Aniston is still envied by women across the globe for her youthful-looking, flawless skin. The actress revealed that perfecting her look has taken many years’ practice. Here are her top Skin Care secrets – as well as her biggest beauty regret.

She credits her glowing skin to drinking plenty of water and undertaking regular exercise. She hasn’t always been so strict though – she had to train herself to drink more water by carrying a bottle everywhere she went.

She adds: “I also firmly believe in the power of beauty sleep – you can be as healthy as you like, but if you don’t get proper sleep your body will pay for it.”

As for her daily Skin Care routine, the 46-year-old starts the day by washing her face with a gentle cleanser and applying moisturiser to keep her skin soft and supple all day long. She also applies a body moisturiser post-shower, explaining “a top tip is to keep the dampness on your skin from the shower before applying as you’ll get even more hydration.”

Living in LA ensures Jen has a golden tan all year round, and she’s quick to emphasise just how important sunscreen is, carrying SPF 30 with her to keep topped up throughout the day.

But she wasn’t always so careful when it came to tanning, admitting “I actually had to have a sun intervention a few years ago – as much as we love it as kids and teenagers, it doesn’t pay off in the long run.”

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