11 June 2009

British glamour model Jodie Marsh has been talking about her multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. According to Now Magazine, the 30 year old has had her lips plumped several times in the last 12 months.She said: "I love them. I had them done about six times over a year." Lip plumping treatments usually involve the injection of fillers into the lips in order to produce a plumper effect. Marsh famously had a boob job and is now a hefty 32G cup size. In addition, the model has also had work done on her face. She told new! magazine: "I've had Botox on my forehead and around my eyes, and fillers in my nose-to-mouth laughter lines. "I can't imagine not having Botox - it's the best thing ever. My face looks better now than when I was 23." Jodie joins the ranks of stars praising the wrinkle-busting power of Botox, including singer Kylie Minogue, who recently admitted to trying Botox, and Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, whose cosmetic surgery icon is Joan Rivers. Marsh hit headlines last month when she revealed her new muscular body to the press. According to the star, she dropped from a size 12 to six to eight after starting her workout routine six months ago. She said: "Within two weeks, I had definition in my stomach. As I saw my body changing, I really liked my muscles and as [my personal trainer] is a body builder it just went from there." She also claimed that she may enter a bodybuilder competition in August.