Jump in nip and tuck surgeries over past 5 years

20 November 2008

According to data taken from The Harley Medical Group covering the past five years, there has been a surge in corrective surgery catering to patients who have lost a dramatic amount of weight.

Various cosmetic procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast uplifts and male breast reduction have all seen growing popularity in the past five years as more and more previously obese people are losing massive volumes of weight. The cosmetic surgery provider conduced over 10,000 of these treatments, known as Post-Obesity Surgery (POS), and a distinct rise in figures appears in the data.

Since this time five years ago, tummy tucks - or abdominoplasties - have risen 31 per cent, a 24 per cent increase in male breast reduction and 18 per cent growth in female breast uplifts have also been seen in this time. This could be due to increasing levels of obesity in the United Kingdom - according to the plastic surgery company's report, 21 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women are classed as clinically obese - and the Department of Health has forecast that this will rise to 25 per cent by 2010.

However, there are many people combating obesity and successfully managing to lose a massive amount of weight - and it is this fact that is behind The Harley Medical Group's prediction that abdominoplasty will, over the next ten years, overtake breast enlargement as the surgery's most popular treatment.

In a press release, the company's head nurse commented on patients of the treatments, saying: "It's heartbreaking to see patients who have achieved so much to lose dramatic amounts of weight so embarrassed by their post weight loss bodies. Surgery is able to transform both their bodies which have been so vastly overstretched and in the process restore their confidence."