Leslie Ash to host plastic surgery TV show

08 September 2008

Actress Leslie Ash will investigate the world of cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles for a new ITV documentary, entitled "Leslie Ash: Face to Face".

The 48-year-old Men Behaving Badly star hit the headlines in 2002, when she underwent lip surgery that saw her mouth swell significantly.

However, despite receiving a lot of negative press for her 'trout pout', Ash told the Daily Mail that she would "never say never" to plastic surgery in the future.

In Leslie Ash: Face to Face, she investigates approaches to a variety of cosmetic procedures in Los Angeles, including Botox, collagen and dermal fillers.

She also speaks to former pop star Toyah Wilcox, now 50 years old, who explains to Ash how a timely facelift in her mid-40s helped revive her career.

Speaking about her documentary, Ash told the Daily Mail: "I hope it shows people what not to do, and, more importantly, what to do. And I just thought how wonderful Toyah looked and, you know, never say never.

"I want to live my life looking in the mirror and being happy with what I see."

According to The Sun, she also criticised attitudes towards plastic surgery in Britain, which she sees as less accepting than those in the USA.

She said: "No one cares [in LA] because everyone does it. Everyone at a certain age, it's just 'Oh hi, how are you? Who's your surgeon?."

Leslie Ash: Face to Face will be screened on ITV on September 23.