13 July 2009

Even though the opportunities for working women have changed radically over the last half century there are plenty of people that still believe that women have an unfair deal in the workplace. I'm lucky enough to have found a job I love and where I feel respected, but not everyone is so lucky - especially at the moment, with so many facing a grim time when it comes to money. If you're not happy though, there are ways to change your circumstances. Whether you're hoping for more responsibility, more respect or a new job, you can make sure that your employers see you the way you want them to by being careful about the way you present yourself. Author Elisabeth Squires has written a book called Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls and in it she says that women no longer power dress like they did in the 80s. Instead she says that lots of women dress in low-cut tops and skirts instead - which is great if that's what makes you feel comfortable. But she also warns that it's not a great ensemble for furthering your career. Dressing in clothes that are too revealing tend to make you look unprofessional in the office - would you take a man in speedos and a vest seriously? I have to say, I'm not sure that Elisabeth's book is telling us anything all that new, but that's not to say it isn't good advice! On the other hand, confidence is something that has a massive impact on the way that people see you. So wearing clothes that make you feel strong and empowered is a good way to come across well to peers and superiors. Personally, I also find that pick-me-ups like skin peels or a few wrinkle relaxing injections make a big difference to how I'm feeling. And it looks like I'm not the only one either. With the job market being so competitive at the moment lots of women, and men too, are searching for ways to look fresher and younger for their interviews. Non-surgical solutions in particular are proving popular - every time someone comes in and says they are looking for a new job, I cross my fingers for them and feel grateful for my life again. Although, with the whole 80s revival thing in all the fashion mags at the moment, maybe I'll have a go with some shoulder pads and severe skirts - just for a laugh!