Mastectomy patients waiting too long for reconstructive Breast Augmentation

18 September 2015

More and more women are surviving breast cancer – it’s a wonderful step forward in medicine – though the disease and its treatment still have a huge physical and emotional impact upon sufferers. A reconstructive Breast Augmentation can have a hugely positive impact on a patient following a mastectomy, marking a significant turning point in their recovery.

It’s so unfortunate then that women in Plymouth are being forced to wait, on average, 237 days for their surgery. As Bridget Prideaux from breast cancer support group Bosom Pals explains, the waiting list is a “big problem…reconstructive surgery is really important because the psychological damage caused by cancer and the physical effects are immense.”

Katie Parker, a 27 year old breast cancer patient was told it may take as long as two years for her to receive a reconstructive Breast Augmentation in Plymouth, a wait which would have caused a huge set back to her recovery, “you want to move on with your life and without the reconstruction it is a constant reminder that you have been ill. People who need it to help them move on should not have to wait so long. It is seen as a Cosmetic Treatment but it should be considered as part of the cancer treatment.”

Katie was able to receive her Breast Augmentation within four months at Exeter Hospital, while Plymouth is still working to improve its service. Medical Director Phil Hughes said the hospital had taken steps to address the issue and is looking for two additional Surgeons whilst also working with the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust to use some of their consultant’s time.

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Image credit: Alexsandrs Bondars/ Shutterstock