Men account for 40 per cent of Breast Reduction procedures

17 March 2016

Men account for 40 per cent of Breast Reduction procedures

Breast Surgery is one of the most popular Cosmetic Surgery procedures – and it seems that men are getting in on the action too. The American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released new statistics showing that Male Chest Reductions now account for over 40 per cent of all Breast Surgery procedures in the US.

It seems though that the experts aren’t surprised by the findings, despite the procedure experiencing a 35 per cent growth since 2000.

ASPS President David H. Song explained: “As plastic surgery is becoming more common and accepted in men, we’re seeing more of them undergo procedures to tighten and tone problem areas, like the breasts.

“This procedure is often done in younger men who face genetic challenges with the size and shape of their breasts, and when appropriate, surgery can make a big difference in their lives.”

So what causes men to develop breasts (also known as ‘moobs’ or ‘man boobs’)? A hormonal imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen is thought to be behind the reason why some men develop Gynaecomastia (male breasts). Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise will reduce the breast tissue which is why Cosmetic Surgery is undertaken.

Miami-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer explained that Male Chest Reduction is a straightforward, common procedure. He said “It’s not actually that hard an operation, it’s not very risky, the scars are not noticeable and men are becoming aware that they can treat this problem.”

So what’s caused the rise in men undertaking Cosmetic Surgery to reduce the size of their breasts? According to the experts, it’s got a lot to do with image and self-esteem. Many people wrongly assume that because women generally feel unhappier with their appearance than men, that all men are happy.

Playground taunting and bullying can have a major effect on a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence, causing him to become embarrassed and withdrawn. As Cosmetic Surgery is becoming more widely accepted, this has led men to seek out their options for reducing the size of their breasts – and it’s this which has contributed to such a dramatic uptick in the number of Male Chest Reduction procedures in recent years.

One Male Chest Reduction patient commented: “I have gained a significant amount of confidence. I can wear just one shirt now without three layers underneath. I can finally stand up straight. And I can finally hug someone without feeling self-conscious.”

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