03 November 2011

Its Movember a month long charity event which sees men growing moustaches to raise money for mens health charities and with this comes the fitting news that more men are realising just how powerful their face can be. This month the focus may be on raising money for great causes, but the bigger picture depicts men all over the world taking steps, usually taken by women, to make themselves look youthful and rejuvenated. There has been a noticeable trend of men having Botox and other cosmetic treatments women, it wont be long before you notice your boyfriend / husband / son sneaking a squirt of your moisturiser or energising face scrub for men starts appearing in the trolley during your weekly shop.While the male species currently only makes up around 20 per cent of all those who have cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments, the number is steadily increasing and there is no doubt that the meterosexual market is a big one. It is no wonder really that such treatments as laser hair removal, Botox and dermal fillers are fast spilling over into male society from female, not when you consider how tough the job market is and how much tougher it gets if you are out of work and deemed to be old. Looking younger is about so much more than vanity, your face is the front cover for your CV, which in turn is your ticket to a new job or that all-important promotion. So its officially moisturiser Movember a time for men all over the world to recognise the power of their face and to know that help with softening lines and wrinkles, removing unwanted hair and banishing blemishes is officially at hand. For more information on cosmetic surgery for men, visit our website or book in for a free consultation at your local clinic.