07 December 2011

Australians are expected to spend almost AU$7bn on cosmetic surgery, hair and beauty treatments by the end of the year, according to new research. Data compiled by market research firm IBISWorld shows that AU$6.99bn will be splashed out in 2011 by consumers intent on improving their personal appearance. Cosmetic surgery is said to account for a growing share of total spend.Demand for cosmetic procedures was up by 25 per cent year-on-year in 2010, demonstrating the increasing importance that Australians place on maintaining a youthful appearance. According to a report by news.com.au, industry figures show 62,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were carried out in 2010, while a further 68,000 people had non-surgical work done. IBISWorld's figures show more is spent per head in Australia on Botox than in any other country. It is the most requested procedure in more than nine out of 10 clinics. Plastic surgery Down Under tends to be the preserve of women, with 92 per cent of procedures carried out on females last year. Karen Dobie, IBISWorld Australia general manager, said laser hair removal and regular cosmetic procedures had become something of a ritual for older women in particular. She said: "Older Australians have greater financial security and freedom, so they can afford to splash out on a greater range of products and procedures."