Mother and daughter have Face Lift and it changes their life

9 March 2015

A mother and daughter who suffer from a rare genetic condition have had a Face Lift and their results have been life changing.

Tracey Gibson and her daughter Zara both suffer from Lipodystrophy, a genetic disorder which damages fatty tissue beneath the skin and causes premature wrinkles. It only affects 30 people in Britain and is incurable. Tracey chose to have a Face Lift after seeing the impressive results of her daughter’s surgery two years ago which now allows Zara to be a normal and confident 18 year old.

Despite having a Face Lift, Neck Lift and Fillers, Tracey has only been left with two unnoticeable scars. 

Tracey’s self-esteem and confidence has been restored thanks to the face Lift and the benefits of the procedure have changed her life.

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Image Credit Attribution: 477434sean/iStock/Thinkstock