18 February 2014

Close up of woman's legsVictoria Beckham has opened up about getting advice from actress friend Eva Longoria which led to her taking the plunge and having her legs zapped and her delight at the results. "It is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing," she says in an interview in March's Allure magazine."But I've been very lucky that I haven't had to. That was one of the best tips Eva Longoria ever gave me," she adds. She also admits that the six years she spent living with husband David in Los Angeles were "the happiest I think I've ever been". The former Spice Girl owns up that she was "never a natural" in her fashion design work, although she admits that the Americans' acceptance of her efforts to carve out a new career helped contribute to her happiness at their time there.