18 June 2013

Doctor marking woman's bust with penA new type of breast implant which promises "a more natural shape and youthful feel" has been given approval for use by American medical drug and treatment regulators. The country's Food and Drug Administration has passed the MemoryShape breast implant manufactured by Mentor Worldwide, a renowned large-scale producer of aesthetic surgery products. The teardrop-shaped implant is filled with a cohesive gel which promises to help it keep its shape. It has been approved for use following a trial involving 955 patients whose post-operative progress has been monitored for up to six years."Overall, the core study patients also had high satisfaction rates with their breast appearance, and 97 percent of patients who have MemoryShape™ Implants reported they would repeat the procedure," reported medical equipment news website Medgadget.com. Dr Dennis Hammond, a plastic surgeon who practises in West Michigan, USA, led the clinical trials programme for the Mentor MemoryShape, and said: "I am pleased women now have an implant that offers an enhanced yet subtle breast appearance with a proven safety profile."