13 January 2009

Cosmetic surgeons from around the world will converge at the 25th annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery's Scientific Meeting this week. The meeting is set up to share and learn the latest in developments in the cosmetic surgery market.

The meeting takes place at a spa in Phoenix, Arizona, and is titled "Not a Day over Twenty-Five" and is a three-day conference.

The AACS gathers speakers from each medical discipline in order to share research topics in an effort to advance the practice of cosmetic surgery.

This year, the AACS is expected to address the economic impact that the credit crunch is expected to have on the future of the cosmetic surgery industry.

Surgeons are expected to highlight the importance of meeting the needs of patients in every economic standing, especially during the economic downturn. There will also be a seminar to help cosmetic surgeons address these challenges.

In addition, new developments are expected to be presented, with reports on the growing trend of laser lipolysis, rhinoplasty advances, fat grafting, breast implants and breast reduction.

In related news, plastic surgeons around the world have been warning their patients of the dangers associated with choosing "bargain" cosmetic procedures during the economic downturn. A recent trend suggests that some patients are choosing to undergo cheap liposuction and Botox treatments that can be dangerous if not performed by a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon in regulated surroundings.

Some surgeons have said they are seeing an increase in patients choosing to compromise quality for cost in order to continue their beauty regimes.