01 July 2010

Women looking for the best solutions to improve the condition of their skin and combat wrinkles are being encouraged to share their own experiences of Botox and other treatments and skin care products on a new website, to help other users make their decisions. By posting before and after photos of themselves, Earth Times reports that users can examine their own 'wrinkle index' according to the quantitative database of skinofmine.com - taking care to make sure that lighting conditions and facial expressions are as similar as possible in each picture. Services such as this can be helpful for allowing consumers to compare results from non surgical treatments and skin care products, as well as to identify areas requiring treatment - particularly when suffering from skin conditions such as discolouration or acne. However, those choosing to undergo treatments are always encouraged to seek a professional consultation before making their decision to ensure it's the right one for them. Before undergoing Botox, dermal fillers and other treatments, patients can receive advanced computerised photo skin analysis at their clinic to provide a more thorough analysis of areas of their skin that could benefit from certain treatments. While websites can be useful as a starting point for planning treatments, users should always be sure to seek professional advice as some products may be unsuitable for their skin type.