06 January 2009

Happy New Year everyone! This is one of my favourite parts of the year; not only am I still generally riding high from the fun of the festive season, but I also get the chance to think about the things I can do to organise my life - from giving my flat a good clean to giving away all the clothes I'm never likely to wear again.I'm not a big fan of New Year resolutions, mainly because I've never had much luck sticking to them. But I adore the idea of using the turn of the year as the perfect time to take stock of everything and make improvements where I can. It's something I recognise in the people that pay us a visit here too. Lots of people choose to book new cosmetic surgery procedures in December or January, allowing them to feel like they start the New Year with a fresh take on their life. A few wrinkle relaxing jabs tend to come in handy around this time of year too, when you don't want the stresses of the party season showing on your face! For example, one of my friends had the cunning idea of asking her husband and family to put money into her 'beauty fund' at Christmas so that she could treat herself to some skin peels and feel fresh faced despite the biting winds outside. This year I'm mainly planning to focus on making my own lunch and bringing it into work so I can save a little each day. Maybe I'll even cut back on my latte purchases too - I'll keep you posted on that one though!