Nicole Kidman's 'frozen' face sparks more rumours

07 October 2013

Hollywood signSpeculation that Nicole Kidman has undergone line and wrinkle treatments has been sparked by her look when she appeared at a celebrity event in Beverly Hills. Although many observers, including the Daily Mail, marvelled at the 46-year-old actress's line-free face, they noted that the fact she had her hair tied back "made her frozen in time appearance even more apparent." Ms Kidman has in the past admitted experimenting with line and wrinkle treatments, but earlier this year said that she now steered clear, because she "liked having control over her facial expressions."Yet her sometimes strained smile at the fifth annual 'Power of Women' event – at which she was one of the recipients of an honour – led the newspaper to re-start the speculation over her claims. Both Ms Kidman, and another actress honoured, Charlize Theron, posed for the cameras and showed off their low-key make-up at the event.