No more sunburn – ‘smart’ bikini tells wearer when to reapply sunscreen

No more sunburn – ‘smart’ bikini tells wearer when to reapply sunscreen

16 June 2015

Fed up of getting sunburnt? Forget to reapply sunscreen? Not any more thanks to the latest ‘smart’ object to hit the beach.

Created in France – the country which invented the bikini – this smart swimwear comes with a detachable ultraviolet sensor which detects the sun’s rays. It links to your smartphone or tablet and alerts you when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen.

The designer of the smart bikini, Marie Spinali said: “The idea came to me right away, on a day when I saw someone get sunburnt on a beach.

“There are flowerpots that give an alert when plants need watering, so I thought it was time to invent something to warn when the sun is too strong.”

Smart bikinis come off the back of research into people’s summer Skin Care habits. All too often people neglect to apply or reapply sunscreen, unaware of how burnt they might be getting in the process.

The smart bikini issues a warning to the wearer before it’s too late.

Spinali is said to be working with a team of researchers in nanotechnology to try to incorporate the sensor into the bikini so it just looks like any other piece of swimwear.

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Image Credit: Solominviktor/