#NoFilter – how to get selfie worthy skin

30 September 2015

Just when we thought Claredon, Ludwig and Lo-Fi had brought an end to unflattering selfies, the trendsetters of the digital world decided to make #NoFilter happen! It’s enough to send us scrambling for the bronzing powder. But before you start caking on the make-up, here’s our quick guide to selfie-perfect skin.

Create the perfect base

With the best will in the world you can’t apply flawless looking make-up to dry, dull skin. So create a smooth, even base with a diligent skin care routine, including Non Surgical Treatments for the most tangible results. 

Deep exfoliating treatments like Microdermabrasion rejuvenate the complexion for a glowing, healthy look. By gently buffing away the top layers of dead skin cells with exfoliating crystals, the treatment brightens and smooths the face, neck and chest.

If your skin is sensitive, a Skin Peel is a less abrasive exfoliating treatment that allows you to achieve the same glowing results without irritating a delicate complexion. The treatment uses a low concentration acidic formula to dissolve dead surface skin cells, rather than buffing them away, revealing a new layer a skin.

Pick the right products

#NoFilter make-up is all about the skin, so give your complexion a boost with a pore minimising primer before applying your foundation.

It’s tempting to go for thick foundations that offer a lot of coverage, but in reality these often look ‘cakey’ and if you’ve got your skin care right you shouldn’t need a heavy base. Instead try a lighter, oil free, water based product; this will give your skin a chance to breathe and give you a dewy finish.

Once you’ve got an even base, add shape and definition to your face with contouring.  You can do this either with powders or foundation: just apply a shade two shades darker than your base to the hollows of your cheeks, temples and in two lines along your nose. Then highlight with a shade two times lighter than your base on your cheek bones.

Finish the look with lip and eye make-up. Stick to a moisturising lipstick in a natural ‘your-lips-only-better’ shade. Then create a wide eyed look by applying white or skin-toned eyeliner to the waterline and corner of your eyes and coating your lashes with mascara.

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Image credit: Linda Moon/ Shutterstock