18 December 2013

Older woman alongside younger one at exercise classAn American Cosmetic Surgery clinic has said it has seen a rise in the number of over 60-year-olds enquiring about and buying its range of skin treatments. Some are even going a step further, and opting for one of its skin rejuvenation procedures, say staff at the clinic, in West Virginia state. It claims that added pressure to look younger in order to combat perceived ageism at work is the main reason why people in this age group, and even many aged 40 upwards, are fighting back in the jobs market by turning to modern skin care solutions.The clinic cites a survey of recruiters in the IT sector, in which almost half of respondents said they felt their age held them back in their careers once they reached 40, and a legal case brought by a 52-year-old ex-Google employee, who claimed that many of his co-workers had made derogatory remarks to him based on his age. The perceived expectation that workers are 'over the hill' once they reach a certain age is said to be a big factor driving a huge increase in non-surgical treatments, with Line and Wrinkle Reduction and Dermal Fillers all being requested by many more people.