Olympic Swimmer Sharron Davies Reveals Her Cosmetic Secrets

Olympic Swimmer Sharron Davies Reveals Her Cosmetic Secrets

11 April 2016

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has opened up about her love of Botox and fillers to keep her looking her best at all times.


The 53-year old has never made a secret of the fact she uses the cosmetic enhancements, but claims it has never been an attempt to combat the ageing process, instead stating that she wants to “look the best I can at any stage”.


In the interview the Plymouth-born swimmer, who won silver at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and two gold medals at the 1978 Commonwealth Games, said that “women aren’t allowed to grow old gracefully” and that it is still “more acceptable” for men to have grey hair and wrinkles.

“It’s worked wonders for me”

“I’ve been having Botox and fillers since my 30s and it has worked wonders for me in a soft, subtle way,” Sharron said.


The mum of three also said that she had breast surgery after giving birth to her third child, and called it “frustrating” that celebrities often lie about how they achieve their figures rather than admitting to having cosmetic surgery.


“It really annoys me when I know people are off to have similar treatments, claiming that they look the way they do because of eating organic foods and getting plenty of sleep,” she stated.


Sharron finished by saying: “When it comes to gravity and age there is no magic formula but I feel no different now to when I was in my 20s.”


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