Plastic surgeon describes himself as an ¬Ďartist¬í

04 July 2012

A plastic surgeon has described himself as an artist, as he says he improves his patients' confidence by helping them feel more beautiful. Dr Aaron Jones, who works at Belladante Medical Institute in Logan, Utah, explained that many people feel guilty about getting plastic surgery purely for aesthetic reasons. This is despite the fact that millions of consumers spend a fortune on making themselves look good by splashing out on beauty products such as makeup and hair products in the shops.Therefore, he told the Herald Journal there is nothing wrong with using plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, as it can help individuals to feel more confident and desired by others. ¬ďI tell people, I don¬ít treat wrinkles, or lines, or body fat. I treat beauty. I consider myself to be more of an artist than other people in this field,¬Ē Dr Jones stated. The expert, who started his career in family and emergency medicine, said he does not treat people purely for the sake of it, adding: ¬ďIf a line isn't detracting from your beauty, then don¬ít waste your money treating it.¬Ē Among the treatments Dr Jones offers are liposuction, skin resurfacing and laser hair removal. See original story here: