Plastic surgery conference unveils latest treatments

27 October 2009

The annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is underway in Seattle, and has brought together leading international surgeons to discuss the latest research, technology and trends of cosmetic surgery.The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that the five-day conference provides an opportunity for cosmetic surgeons and industry experts to discuss the latest developments in plastic surgery, to keep ahead of product launches and to share ideas to advance the future of healthcare. Surgeons attending the event are eager to keep their practices on the cutting edge. Courses and seminars instruct surgeons on specific surgical methods as well as dealing with pragmatic subjects related to patient after-care and communication, ensuring that patients always receive the best advice before and after surgery. Arizona surgeon Dr Wesley Wilson is attending the conference, and stated: "The best thing about these conferences is you get to go and see what other people are doing. You add to your practice, or you also decide there are things you’re not going to do. "Anything that helps you take better care of patients…helps every plastic surgeon be a better plastic surgeon." The annual ASPS conference is a major event for cosmetic surgeons from across the world. UK surgeon Professor James Frame explains that the conference is always a reliable source of information for the latest innovations and developments in cosmetic surgery, stating: "I’ve travelled to quite a few countries in the world to the national societies, and this is by far the best."