Pros and cons of Laser Hair Removal

Pros and cons of Laser Hair Removal

20 May 2015

As summer approaches, we turn our attention to hair removal. With so many options available, how can you be sure you’ve found the right one for you? Laser Hair Removal is an effective way to remove any unwanted hair from your body. It’s quick, relatively pain-free and can permanently reduce hair growth, meaning less effort on removal in the future.

As the most common non-invasive treatment, you’ll likely want to know the pros and cons:

  • Pros

Laser Hair Removal lasts longer than shaving or waxing, which is ideal during the summer months. It’s also a lot speedier than other hair removal methods, with one expert suggesting this is its biggest advantage.

Beverly Hills based Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani said: “One of the biggest advantages of laser hair removal is the speed of the treatment in comparison to electrolysis, which is much more time consuming.

“If the technique is performed properly, it can be less painful than other methods and is more effective for removing hair from large areas such as back and legs.”

  • Cons

There are side effects to the treatment, which vary from patient to patient. Commonly, patients can experience itching or swelling, which disappears within a few days. Rarer are side effects such as skin discolouration, blistering, burning and infection.

Laser Hair Removal is also thought to be more effective on those with dark hair, as this contains more melanin, which is what the laser is attracted to.

Don’t let that put you off though – at The Harley Medical Group, Laser Hai Removal can be used to treat all hair types, including blonde and vellus hair.


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Image Credit: Carol_Anne/ iStock/ Thinkstock