17 November 2011

Sofia Vergara, star of hit US TV show Modern Family, has spoken about how her ex-publicist told her to get the size of her breasts reduced when she started out in showbusiness. The 39-year-old Colombian, who stars on the cover of this month's Health magazine, said she was advised that unless she underwent breast reduction surgery, no one would take her seriously. The voluptuous actress decided to ignore the advice after consulting her mother who she said "almost had a heart attack".Vergara said she now knows she made the right decision at the time and is proud of her body and her background. She said: "I am a Latin woman: I'm voluptuous, I'm loud, I'm exactly what a Latin woman is. "In Latin America we do learn to be more comfortable with our bodies. Women are not shy to be in a bathing suit, in a G-string."