14 July 2014

Were constantly bombarded with advice about the importance of staying safe in the sun so why do so many of our foreign counterparts fail to take heed? A new report has highlighted that Britons are the most likely to wear sun cream in the sun, proving that were the most clued up when it comes to sun protection. At the other end of the scale, two thirds of Japanese women admitted to getting sunburnt on their face during the summer, while 70 per cent of Germans turn to sunbeds at least once every year to achieve that sunkissed glow. So what are we Brits doing that the rest of the globe isnt? For a start, British women pay attention to SPF when it comes to makeup, with 95 per cent of the countrys ladies changing their foundation and moisturiser to a product with in-built SPF for the hot summer months. Whats more, were more likely to use SPF 50 on our face, as well as buying a separate product to protect our lips. In total, 13,831 residents of the UK, USA, Sweden, France, Germany and Japan took part in the survey, with the UK and the USA coming in first and second place respectively for taking care in the sun. Despite their love of sunbeds, German women were found to have the lowest amount of sunburn overall at just 10 per cent in comparison to the 64 per cent of Japanese women who burn each year, despite 93 per cent of Japanese survey respondents claiming to use a sunscreen with high SPF. Do the results of this survey surprise you? What steps do you take to protect yourself while out in the sun? Let us know on Facebook.