25 June 2014

Statistics show that Cosmetic Surgery is becoming increasingly popular among our nation but a new report digs deeper into the trend to highlight where exactly in the UK certain procedures are most prevalent.The report, aptly named Brits, Boobs and Botox, identifies Blackpool as the UKs boob job capital, while Aberdeen tops the list for Facelifts. The people of London have a penchant for Non Surgical treatments it seems, with Dermal Fillers and Line & Wrinkle treatments coming up trumps. Over in Yorkshire, the ladies of Leeds undergo the most Laser Hair Removal treatments, while in Wolverhampton, residents are more likely to be requesting more hair, with Hair Transplants being a firm favourite here. The report also shows how recent trends and social factors may have influenced peoples decision to undergo a particular Cosmetic Surgical procedure or treatment. A spokesperson for the clinic which compiled the report said: Wed never have guessed the Rooney effect would generate 5,500 enquiries for hair transplants or that curvaceous bottoms would be all the rage in the noughties. Nor could we anticipate since the phrase man boobs was insensitively coined, itd become the area of greatest concern for men. Do you live in any of these areas? Have you noticed a trend for a particular treatment or procedure? Let us know on Facebook.