Research shows women worry about wrinkles from the age of 24

27 May 2014

Research shows women worry about wrinkles from the age of 24New research shows that women in the UK worry about developing wrinkles from the age of 24, with many starting to buy Anti-Ageing products from as young as 21.  It may seem dramatic to take early action to fight off wrinkles, but according to the experts, “it’s never too early”. One Consultant Dermatologist explains in an interview with the Irish Independent: “It is never too early or too late to start thinking about skin protection, skin renewal and maintenance”, while another adds, “anatomically from the age of 20 we start ageing. That’s just a fact.” Cosmetic Surgeons are keen to point out however that the use of Anti-Ageing products during your twenties is more a case of prevention rather than cure. It is advisable for twenty year olds to curb bad habits early before they get out of hand to give their skin the best possible chance of keeping wrinkles at bay. These include reducing the amount of sun exposure, limiting your sugar and alcohol intake, and getting more sleep. One Doctor recommends a simple approach to skincare in your twenties, claiming that “sunscreen, good cleansing and exfoliation” are all that is needed. “Start thinking about skincare, especially sun protection, as early as you can. Choose well-formulated sunscreens and a good cleansing routine as well as a healthy diet and you will see the benefits for many years ahead. Ignoring these factors will make you age faster”, he says. Do you worry about wrinkles? Send us a tweet with your anti-wrinkle skincare tips.