Sandalwood: top five skin benefits

06 August 2014

Those looking for a way to boost their daily skin care regime with ease can find the solution in sandalwood. This natural wood product is often recommended by experts as a simple means of restoring your skin. Here are the top five skin benefits offered by sandalwood: -          No more AcneAcne is a common skin condition caused when pores become blocked with dirt and grime. You can help to prevent this by cleansing your face with sandalwood. -          Blemishes be goneThere’s no need to fret over your blemishes – sandalwood face masks work to correct any blemishes in your skin, leaving your complexion smooth and clear. -          Goodbye hard skinExposure to harsh elements can cause a build-up of hard skin which can be difficult to remove. Try mixing together coconut oil and sandalwood powder to leave your skin soft and supple. -          Clearer complexion? Yes pleaseIf you’re in need of a quick fix solution for your skin, turn to sandalwood powder – applying a paste will clear up your complexion in no time. -          Wrinkle bustingRather than fretting over your fine lines and wrinkles, take steps to prevent them. Give your skin a boost with a mixture of sandalwood powder, honey and egg yolk – your skin will look less saggy and wrinkles will appear smoother. Have you tried sandalwood to help with your skin problems? Send us a tweet with your thoughts on this natural beauty product.