23 February 2011

Four out of 10 men and seven out of 10 women in Korea would choose to have plastic surgery if they could afford it, that according to recent research. The statistics were collated and published by large Korean market research companies Embrain and Trend Monitor, as part of an online book of trivia. Embrain has more than 600,000 paid members across Korea. The book, called Catch Up, also reveals that 43.4 per cent of those surveyed about plastic surgery wanted nose jobs, 39.9 per cent wanted eye lid surgery, and 37.4 per cent would opt for liposuction. In other statistics published in the online book, 89.4 per cent of people had bought more than one lottery ticket in their lifetime and 49.2 per cent of respondents said cash was the gift they would most like to receive presumably to pay for their cosmetic surgery desires!