Seven reasons you might break out this summer

Seven reasons you might break out this summer

4 June 2015

With summer just around the corner, the last thing you need to be worrying about is spots. So here are seven things to watch out for this summer to avoid unwanted break outs.

1.Sunscreen. It’s essential to keep your skin protected with SPF, especially on a hot summer’s day. Many formulas contain ingredients known to trigger acne though so if you want to avoid spots, opt for products specially formulated for the face.

2.Mobiles. Your mobile phone is a breeding ground for germs. Just think about the many surfaces your phone touches every day – and you put that against your face, transferring all of those bacteria to your skin and causing you to break out. Instead, use disinfecting wipes to keep your phone germ-free.

3.Insect repellent. No-one wants to be eaten alive by insects but many repellents contain pore-blocking chemicals, leading to acne. Experts suggest using lemon eucalyptus oil instead to avoid both bugs and blemishes.

4.Jeans. It’s important to allow your skin to breathe, particularly in summer so ditch those thick denim jeans for breathable, lighter fabrics to prevent unwanted blemishes.

5.Cocktails. You can’t beat a cocktail on a hot summer’s day – but loaded with sugar, they’re known for causing acne. Remember to balance your alcohol intake with water to help flush out toxins.

6.Fake tan. If you like to cheat your way to tanned skin in time for summer, watch out for oily self-tanning products. Choose one that’s alcohol-free and oil-free for spot-free skin.

7.Swimming. There’s nothing better than a dip in the pool to cool off on a hot day. All of those chemicals are bad for your skin though so be sure to shower as soon as you leave the pool to avoid unwanted spots.

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