Skin benefits of coconut oil

Skin benefits of coconut oil

23 April 2015

When you’re trying to look good, oil is the last thing you need, right? Wrong; coconut oil offers a myriad of benefits, from beating dry patches to making hair shine. Let’s take a closer look…

  • It can bust Acne

The anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil can help to get rid of those unwanted Acne spots once and for all. Before you throw away your Acne products, test the oil on your skin and see if it makes a difference.

  • It can fight ageing

Its antioxidant capabilities mean that coconut oil can help to effectively slow down the ageing process, preventing the formation of dark spots as well as fighting against collagen depletion.

  • It can moisturise

Supplement your daily moisture routine by swiping coconut oil over your cheekbones. It prevents against skin dehydration, keeping your complexion glowing and radiant.

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Image Credit Attribution: tiverylucky/ iStock/ Thinkstock