26 June 2013

The sun is (supposedly) spending the among its highest amounts of time in the sky of the whole year, so this is a time of year when increasing numbers of experts are offering advice on the best skincare products. Among them is Redbook magazine in the USA, whose latest edition features an article entitled 'Erase Your Skin Spots', which says that summer is the time of year when skin can be prompted to over-produce skin pigment, which can particularly effect women who are pregnant, taking birth control pills, or simply have darker skin. The article says that use of sunscreen can prevent the development of sun spots in the first place, but says that fading or eliminating them completely can be achieved using creams or serums containing retinol, which encourages the replacement of damaged skin cells with healthy new ones. Patchy skin spots caused by the sun, technically called melasma, are more difficult to get rid of. But the article recommends using a cream �containing retinol, kojic acid, glycolic acid or soy, the best of which were found to fade melasma by as much as 43 per cent. But experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr Simon Ourian of Beverly Hills, California, says the best way to prevent sun damaging anyone's skin is "to stay out of the sun wherever possible, covering up when in the sun, and daily sunscreen use." He adds that anyone who has been unable to shield themselves sufficiently from the sun should visit an experienced dermatologist, as they will be able to provide a customised plan to treat any damage.