27 March 2014

Woman rubbing cream onto faceThey say that beauty is only skin deep, but the older we get, the thinner our skin becomes according to the beauty industrys top experts. While miracle skincare products are primarily targeted at females aged 40 plus, its advised that women fight the first signs of ageing much earlier. According to one skincare expert, when you move from your 20s to 30s your body goes through changes.As we age the skin gets thinner, we have a huge loss of calcium in the skin and there is a noticeable lack of muscle tone. The combination of these changes combined with the skin getting drier and lifestyle choice can actually lead to the skin showing visible signs of ageing. But before you start panicking at the prospect of fine lines, take it slow literally. Facialist Sarah Chapman recommends slowing the ageing process down with preventative skin care methods from 25 onwards. She explains This is around the time when ageing of the skin starts, although the first signs may not appear until your mid-30s. Highlighting UVA and UVB rays as the major culprits behind premature ageing, Chapman also suggests that certain lifestyle habits also contribute significantly to youthful skin with regular exercise and drinking plenty of water, as well as the application of daily SPF protection playing a huge part in preventing pre-mature ageing. Rather than spending a fortune on anti-ageing products during your 20s, a greater emphasis should be placed on maintaining these healthy lifestyle choices. However, its also important to take into account your skin type. It is recommended that oily skin needs oil. Oil on oil results in stabilising the oil flow, calming, softening and de-stressing an ageing or oily prone skin Chapman concludes. -Which beauty tips do you swear by for maintaining that youthful glow? Let us in on your secrets on Twitter today!